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Coffee Side Effects & Health Benefits:
Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Healthy?

Learn about the coffee side effects and health benefits. Find out if pure green coffee bean extract supplements for weight loss are healthy or harmful.

Pure Green Coffee Bean: The Wave of the Weight Loss Future?

natural coffee benefits and effectsPeople are often skeptical of supplements and substances that claim to enable the user to lose weight quickly, but some doctors and dieters are enthusiastically embracing a new phenomenon called pure green coffee bean extract. Studies and tests centered on green coffee bean extract have produced startling and exciting results, causing some people to wonder if green coffee beans could be the wave of the weight-loss future.

As the name implies, green coffee beans are simply unroasted coffee beans. Roasting coffee beans destroys a healthy compound found in unroasted coffee beans called chlorogenic acid. Scientists believe that chlorogenic acid functions as a weight loss method by preventing the liver from releasing glucose into a person’s blood stream. Without being able to use new glucose, the body is forced to use existing glucose stored in fat supplies. In addition to being a weight loss agent, chlorogenic acid also boosts the metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Before anyone gets excited about being able to lose weight by drinking a bunch of coffee, pure green coffee bean extract does not work that way. Coffee beans are roasted before they are ground and brewed, and only green coffee beans have chlorogenic acid. Green coffee bean extract must currently be taken in pill form; one advantage that green coffee extract has over brewed coffee is that it has about one fifth of the caffeine of an average cup of joe and about one twentieth of the caffeine found in a venti latte. Dieters should take roughly 800mg of green coffee bean extract a day, which normally translates to two pills.

One specific study of pure green coffee extract that has people excited was conducted by Applied Food Sciences. This study was conducted using 16 overweight people ages 22 to 46 over a period of 22 weeks; participants alternated between taking pure green coffee bean extract, a placebo, and nothing. These dieters did not alter their eating habits otherwise; they did not count calories, cut carbs, or avoid red meat. They did not exercise more than was normal, and they took no other supplements. By the end of the study, the average participant had lost 17 pounds as a result of taking green coffee extract. Granted, the study had a relatively small data pool and was conducted by a company that makes green coffee bean extract, but the results are striking nevertheless.

While green coffee bean extract has not been embraced by all physicians, dieticians such as Dr. Oz have endorsed their use. No adverse health effects have been noted as a result of taking green coffee extract, so some experts agree that there is at least no harm in giving pure green coffee bean extract a try. Green coffee bean extract is also not supposed to interact harmfully with medications or supplements, although dieters who are already receiving treatment for an illness are advised to discuss pure green coffee bean extract with their physicians before beginning to take the pills.

While research and studies are still early to cast judgement, the health benefits and side effects of coffee bean extract supplements are still out for further evaluation. With that being acknowledged, green coffee bean extract seems to carry merit towards being an effective natural supplement without side effects for weight loss.

We will be updating this website with plenty of user reviews and testimonials regarding the green coffee bean extract side effects as more and more continue to try the green coffee superbeans to lose weight quicker.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplements

Green Coffee Bean Extract to help you get rid of many health problems Green Coffee Bean Extract

Are Green Coffee Bean Extracts Healthy To Consume?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a great helper, in the form of a food supplement, for all those people looking and making efforts to loose weight. Many supplements, if not almost all of them yell about how efficient and clean they are, yet the case is not like that at all. More than this, lots of them have proven to be extremely harmful for the body, causing it to become extremely ill and affected. Being natural and green, Green Coffee Bean Extract is the actual berries’ extract, from the coffee plants. The green beans are not the beans we’re already used with, meaning they are not roasted or ground. They are the original form of green coffee beans (the unroasted beans).

How can you obtain the green coffee beans?

These beans are in fact the coffee berries’ seeds. So that they could be obtained, the flesh must be removed with a special machine. This process can only take place only after the original berries have been selected by color and their ripeness degree. After all these processes have taken place, all that is left will be the actual coffee beans (the actual seeds).

How do the Green Coffee Bean Extract work for weight loss and overall health?

The chlorogenic acid found in abundance in the raw green beans very much helps the liver to easily and much more effectively process the fatty acids we are all trying to fight with for greater health and a much more fit body. Obviously, much faster processed fatty acids lead to a much more accelerated metabolism, and from here the result of a slimmer body arises. What is also interesting and notable is how this process of weight loss will become much safer. The extract present in Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules is directly derived from the raw green beans. Besides the chlorogenic acid that delivers amazing results of weight loss, the green coffee beans are also resourceful in anti-oxidants, which help the body replenish any loss of free radicals. It is true many supplements claim the presence of anti-oxidants in their structure; however, the importance is around how pure and natural they really are. Besides a huge metabolic boost resulting in fat loss, the Green Coffee Bean Extract also helps the body to regenerate on its own.

Why the green coffee beans and not the roasted form?

When the berries go through the roasting process, they loose all their properties and the entire natural chlorogenic initially identified in them. Only the green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, not the roasted ones. It is advisable to take them in pill form because after they loose all their properties after they have been brewed. The extract in capsules is the only one doing the trick, and the necessary is of 800 mg a day, which is translated as 2 pills. You won’t obtain the same weight loss result from the actual coffee, since the chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Bean Extract gets completely lost and your body will no longer benefit from an accelerated metabolism and normal blood pressure levels.

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Truth About Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Green Coffee Berries

If you are one of the millions of Americans trying to lose weight, you may have tried dozens of weight loss supplements all claiming to make you effortlessly thin and lean. Many of these supplements have harmful side effects and several have been banned from shelves. The search is on for a natural and safe weight loss supplement. It might sound too good to be true, but recent research has shown promising evidence that pure green coffee extract might be the magic bullet dieters have been waiting for. In fact, Dr. Oz has referred to it as the “magic weight loss bean.”

Where Does Pure Green Coffee Extract Come From?

Green coffee extract comes from raw green coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid in the raw coffee bean seems to be the compound responsible for its weight loss effects. Unfortunately, the roasting process destroys chlorogenic acid, which is why we don’t get the same effects from our morning cup of Joe.

How Does Green Coffee For Weight Loss Work?

The mechanisms are not completely understood, but there is evidence that the extract may reduce the absorption of sugar from carbohydrate rich foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and sweets. Rat studies have confirmed that there is some effect on sugar metabolism. Other animal studies have led researchers to believe that there may also be an effect on fat metabolism. Of course human studies are the ones we really care about, but unfortunately there have not been many.

What do the Green Coffee Extract Studies Show?

Of the few human studies that have been conducted, results seem promising. Critics might claim that earlier studies were flawed in design and the evidence is not strong enough to make a conclusion. A more recent study, however, which was published in the journal “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy,” had a stronger design and more encouraging results than previous studies. Researchers found that among 16 overweight adults who took green coffee extract for 12 weeks there was an average weight loss of 18 pounds. In addition, there was a 4% reduction in body fat.

How Much Green Coffee D You Need to Take?

Most studies used doses of 180-200 mg per day. However, the more recent study used higher doses of 700-1050 mg per day. Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist, recommends taking 800 mg twice daily half an hour before meals. Dr. Duncan says to look for pure products without additives or binders for best results.

Are There Green Coffee Side Effects?

Green Coffee

No harmful side effects have been reported in any of the studies done on green coffee extract to date. However, most of these studies have been of short duration, so long term side effects remain unknown.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

There are many weight loss products on the market, but the majority of these have proven to be ineffective or give modest results at best. Of those that are effective, they are often accompanied by unpleasant or even dangerous side effects. There are medications that work through malabsorption which have the unpleasant effect of diarrhea. And there are those that promise to make you burn more calories, which may actually damage your metabolism in the long run, or worse yet, cause complications with your heart.

Pure green coffee extract seems to have some potential as a weight loss supplement. And although there have been no reports of side effects, long-term studies should be done to establish its safety and determine if the weight loss results can be sustained. Diet and exercise should still be the basic building blocks of any weight loss program. Green coffee extract might be used to boost weight loss in those already living a healthy lifestyle who do not see the results they are looking for. It is important to discuss any supplements or medications with a doctor who can monitor you for potential harmful effects or interactions with other medications.

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Green Coffee Health Benefits

Green Coffee

Green coffee bean extract is made from raw coffee beans. Dr. Oz pushed green coffee extract into the mainstream when he suggested that it was an excellent supplement for those trying to lose weight. This weight-loss method has been scientifically tested by Dr. Joe Vinson who determined that the extract does help with weight reduction. While weight-loss may be the most popular, there are several other health benefits to consider.

Green Coffee Benefits

Lowered Blood Pressure: The most obvious reason for lowered blood pressure is lower weight, but the reason goes deeper than that. In a double-blind study, 117 men with hypertension were given varying doses of green coffee extract. The study showed an improvement in blood pressure that was directly linked to the dosage given. Better results were seen with higher dosage.

Cholesterol Reduction: Chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract acts as an anti-oxidant in the body. It is also responsible for reducing harmful levels of homocysteine in the blood and inhibits the chemical processes that create bad cholesterol.

Blood Sugar: The stabilization of blood sugar occurs as green coffee bean extract inhibits glucose-6-phosphate. This enzyme is released from the liver. By inhibiting its release, the liver also slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Once again, chlorogenic acid is the key component in the treatment. A clinical study showed a 32 percent reduction in post-meal sugar spike after a 400mg dose of green coffee extract was given.

Pain Relief: Due to the natural caffeine found in pure green coffee bean extract, some pain was controlled through the consumption of the extract. Medicines commonly taken for headaches and PMS use caffeine as the main ingredient, but the caffeine in green coffee bean extract is naturally occurring, and therefore, causes no jittery or uncomfortable feelings when used for pain relief.

Green Coffee Weight Loss

Energy: While many people use brewed coffee, energy drinks and soda to boost their energy levels, the natural caffeine in green coffee beans is a better choice. When used for energy, there is no crash and afternoon and evening fatigue are significantly reduced or done away with completely. The extract will allow your body to burn fat while also giving the cells the energy needed to function.

Weight Loss: Chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose into the bloodstream and promotes the fat burning process of the liver. This increases metabolism and leads to weight loss. In previous studies, patients were given green coffee bean extract while consuming their normal diet. A placebo group was used as the control. This study revealed that the green coffee extract group lost weight on an average of 18 pounds in 22 weeks. When combined with changes to diet and exercise, the weight loss was even more significant. Studies are on-going.

Green Coffee Health

The health benefits listed above are only related to pure green coffee bean extract. Roasted coffee can not be used as a substitute. So many of the benefits derived from this raw extract are directly related to chlorogenic acid, which is removed during the roasting process.

Green Coffee Extract Dosage

The dosage amount varies depending on the results wanted. For weight loss, it is suggested to consume 800mg. The recommended dosage for reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol is 185mg daily. No negative side-effects have been reported from taking Green Coffee supplements.

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Roast green coffee beans!

Green Coffee Bean

When you decide to buy green coffee beans, in order to roast them at home, it is advisable to choose carefully and wise. The beans are obtained from berries, after these have been harvested, selected and cleansed with the help of some special machines. There are many defects through which you can recognize the green coffee beans ready and good to use:

What To Look For In A Green Coffee Beans!

  1. the beans looking fade;
  2. the so called amber beans, which have been cultivated in depleted soils;
  3. the beans having their coats on
  4. the beans damaged by green waters
  5. the beans that have suffered damages to their pulp
  6. the beans damaged by insects
  7. the beans that are being immature and incompletely developed
  8. the foxy beans
  9. the beans having three centered cuts
  10. the beans with a strange odor
  11. the beans that have been fermenting too much
  12. the beans touched by disease.

  1. The beans looking fade are the ones that went through excessive drying or excessive moisture. These ones are already condemned by environmental factors. You can recognize these beans by their pale, brownish color.
  2. The amber beans are the ones, as said before, developed in depleted soils. You can recognize them by their bright, shiny color.
  3. The coated beans are easily recognizable by a sticky silver skin caused by overbearing.
  4. The water damaged beans are being recognized by their greenish color. It means they have been subjected to water for very long.
  5. The pulp damaged beans were damaged in the pulping machine and you can easily recognize them, because they no longer have a smooth surface.
  6. The beans eaten by insects, or affected by the insects’ eggs and larva… now you don’t want to use those in your coffee.
  7. The immature beans are the beans that haven’t reached maturity and are either very small in size, posses a rough surface, and are of a greenish shade. They also, usually, have very thin edges.
  8. The foxy beans are easily recognizable after their name, the color being obviously, reddish.
  9. The beans with three center cuts are naturally deformed beans. This happened due to the depleted soils in which have grown, or due to malnourishment of essential minerals. You will, of course, recognize them after the three center cuts, visible on the surface.
  10. The smelling beans can look perfectly normal, but there is a dead embryo inside them. The color in these beans turns sickly yellow, due to over-fermentation and over-ripe.
  11. You can recognize these ones by their soiled looks and the color looking very close to tobacco.

Green Bean Coffee

The diseased beans are the ones infected with strange and different diseases such as CBD (the Coffee Berry Disease) and Leaf Rust. As soon as disease airs its “fireworks” in the fields, the beans are being prematurely developed. The beans will get colored from brown into an extremely dark brown.

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